2016 was an exciting year for B2B marketing. With the rise of account-based marketing, the importance of several core marketing principles were brought back to focus. Understanding your buyer is key now more than ever to get the most benefit out of your marketing efforts.

We also saw continued growth around content marketing principles and the importance of developing a content marketing strategy, video marketing and other sources of interactive and engaging content for readers. Finally, we were reminded that lead management and lead scoring are still measurements we should be tracking and that email isn’t dead.

Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Over the course of 2016, many of these key themes were reflected in the Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market, blog. So to highlight some of our most talked about blogs, we’ve put together our top 10 blogs of 2016 – ranked by views, shares, clicks and time spent on each post.

  1. Qualified vs. Unqualified Leads – In digital and outbound marketing and sales, our goal is to segment leads into one of two categories – qualified leads and unqualified leads. This post distinguishes the difference between the two.
  2. Market with a Mission – Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all about taking a very focused approach to who you target with your marketing efforts. Market with a Mission is a quickstart guide for your ABM strategy that gives a brief history of ABM, answers your ABM questions and provides ABM success tips and steps to building your strategy.
  3. Marketing in the Micro-Moment – Hundreds of times a day we pick up our mobile devices, we check the time, send a quick text, scroll through social media to see what’s going on, try to cram a thought into 140 characters, etc. WE create multiple micro-moments of productivity for ourselves throughout the day. This post explains how to market in the new micro-moment.
  4. How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness – Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign is a must because it can help you be more purposeful in your marketing efforts and make informed, data-driven decisions. Answer the questions why you should be measuring your efforts, what you should measure and you to do it by taking a look.
  5. The Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing – From planning your schedule to crafting your emails to fretting over subject lines, there’s a lot that goes into an email marketing campaign. What exactly do you need to know to take your efforts to the next level? Follow or avoid these best and worst practices.
  6. Don’t Let your Leads go to the Graveyard: 4 Ideas for Re-engagement – As marketers, we can’t rescue every single lead, but efforts like the 4 in this post can go a long way toward keeping the most promising ones from the graveyard.
  7. Time to Start Thinking about your 2017 Marketing Plan Update – As important as marketing planning is, it only makes sense that this one made the list. Although the year has already started, it’s never too late to create your plan. Take a look at these 6 must-haves and get started.
  8. Three Solutions You Can’t Live Without – With all the demands facing modern marketers, sorting through the thousands of marketing solutions available shouldn’t be one of them. This ebook outlines the 3 marketing technologies you can’t live without.
  9. 5 Tips for Organizing and Implementing Post-Event Emails – Events are a lot of work, upfront and behind the scenes. However, after an event it’s time to send emails to attendees and non-attendees, communicate new leads with the sales department and note any changes that need to be made next year. This post outlines five steps to follow when wrapping up your next event.
  10. Marketing Concierge – Sometimes when it comes to marketing technology, you just need someone to do the heavy lifting for you and this outlines how a marketing concierge program (also known as managed services) can do just that. Before you read this though, check out our personal favorite related post – Why It’s Time to Power Your Marketing with “Do It For Me” Services. This post explains the fuel behind the rising popularity of marketing concierge programs.

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