I may be new to Salesfusion (you can read that announcement here), but I already know we have a great product. One of the reasons I joined the team here is to help preach the marketing automation gospel. Earlier this month, I got my chance when I attended Convergence, Microsoft Dynamic’s annual user conference, in Atlanta.

Salesfusion’s marketing automation software has a deep integration with each version of Dynamics CRM on premise and online. We’re built on our own CRM platform, need no middleware, and integrate with Dynamics CRM through custom entities as well as iFrames.

Even with so many integration options and customers using both systems, we haven’t  thoroughly nurtured Microsoft and the channel to their full potential… until now.

Convergence was our unofficial kickoff. We met dozens of partners and Microsofties who didn’t know about Salesfusion, but we are striving to learn more about how we can support them in their Dynamics CRM efforts.  Feedback was positive and people were excited to hear about our company, our culture, and our vision.

From here, it’s my job to aid the growth of our referral and reseller partner network. During the conference, Microsoft unveiled Dynamics Marketing, creating the perfect opportunity for such a well respected and internationally recognized company to share the marketing automation gospel right alongside us.

Of course, Salesfusion will continue to take marketing automation to the next level for marketers (like predictive lead scoring, social listening, and other rad updates), but offer the kind of integration that people on the Microsoft platform come to expect with the fully integrated suite (working inside the Microsoft platform if you so choose).

I am stoked and excited to share our product with the world and believe the high expectations of the Microsoft community will be met with our top quality product, service, and passion.