Internships are a guiding foundation to helping young professionals navigate in the workforce. However, internships shouldn’t be just admin work, but rather a professional space to help students have a better understanding of their career interests and goals.

Salesfusion has offered internships for several years. As we continue to grow our internship program, one of the first things we ask our interns is, “What are your career interests?” and model their experiences to fit those aspirations. And it shows in the experience our interns have.
internship experience
“Greg [our VP of Product and Engineering] always wanted to make sure I was getting the most I needed from the internship,” said Dylan Southern, Software Engineering intern. “He cared both about what I was getting from the internship as well as the company overall.” Dylan talked more about her experience working with Greg and the projects she worked on. “I was able to play a major role, from start to finish in the execution of some exciting product enhancements. Being so heavily involved and having a voice in the project is my biggest takeaway.”

Our interns come from all over the country to work on a variety of projects. “I came from Texas, but I like Atlanta a lot,” said Shivangee Trivedi, Software Engineering intern. “This internship is my first one, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.”. Shivangee has worked on multiple projects, but her favorite is the Managed Preferences feature, “a new feature that I was able to build from scratch, which was challenging and exciting”.

Salesfusion provides internships to accommodate our evolving company where interns can work across departments to gain knowledge of the varying job functions. With an understanding of students’ needs and schedules, we offer consideration and flexibility while working with our interns. Each intern ultimately models their own experience and along the way makes connections with Salesfusion employees that will last long after their internships.

“I joined the Employee Advocacy committee while interning with Salesfusion,” said Bailey Thompson, Sales and Marketing intern. “I love the company’s commitment to making their employees feel valued and willingness to give back to the community.Even after my internship ends, I have been invited to the events I helped coordinate”.

Salesfusion offers cross-departmental training, but also a career building workshop series for interns called Talent Building Thursdays. During these workshops interns can hear about the career paths of C-level execs, learn about off-site workplace etiquette, and resume building.

Ultimately, we want to create an environment where professionals can feel like they can be themselves, employees and interns alike. “I love it. I got to meet different people and be a part of a unique culture. It’s nice to have a strong [work] environment, but it is also relaxed. Everyone is working towards a common goal and trying to progress the company. It’s genuine. I grew up in Atlanta and I feel like I’m at home [with Salesfusion]” says John Romano, a Software Engineering intern.

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