Sugar Market is the only full-suite marketing automation platform that offers a native, robust integration with SugarCRM. Sugar Market created this video to demonstrate how its Sugar Market SugarCRM integration works with Sugar, landing it the “Best Seamless Integration” award at SugarCon 2015 in the App Throwdown competition.

Sugar Market optimizes marketing functions and aligns marketing and sales around a unified funnel. Its native integration with SugarCRM provides both teams with complete visibility into pipeline progression and lead data. Sales is able to quickly determine which leads are engaging with marketing’s digital content and those most likely ready to buy. It helps prioritize sales outreach, enhances lead management efficiency and drives higher lead conversions. It also offers the ability for both teams to add and remove leads from specific campaigns inside their respective systems.

Watch the video to get a quick, 5 minute tour of how the systems work together to drive team collaboration and success.