As a marketer at W-Systems, I’ve learned a lot about Marketing Automation. Not only is W-Systems a Sugar Market partner, but our marketing team actually uses Sugar Market. This means that not only do we resell Sugar Market to our customers because we believe it’s the best product, but we also use it internally because it’s the best platform for our organization. Here’s the ways Sugar Market has transformed our business:

  1. We learn more about our email subscribers.
    The metrics tracking in Sugar Market has taught us what our lists of leads and email subscribers find interesting. We use A/B testing and email dashboards to see which email campaigns have been the most successful. These tools inspire us to continually create new campaigns which improve metrics such as click-through-rate and open-rate.
    email dashboard
  2. We design better emails.
    The email builder in Sugar Market lets us create emails that would have taken us hours to build using HTML. No more sifting through code–because the drag and drop interface makes it really easy to build templates and use them to quickly draft our latest nurture email or newsletter.
    Email Builder
  3. We make less cold calls.
    Today we only deliver the warmest and most qualified leads to our Sales team using the nurture campaigns tool in Sugar Market. We build out email nurtures with relevant content, send them to large lists of promising leads, and then identify warm leads that are interested by tracking who clicks, opens, and engages with each email. These are the leads that are automatically passed on to our team of Sales Reps, who are happier to be making less cold calls.
    nurture builder
  4. We can prove our performance.
    Marketing teams often face difficulty proving their impact on revenue. With Sugar Market, our marketing team is able to track ROI of each campaign and share it with the entire company. This helps us better align with the sales team, because it proves our value and justifies any help we have requested from the sales team such as lead follow-up.

All of these things add up to a stronger marketing program and therefore more sales ready leads and more business. If you have questions for us about how W-Systems uses Sugar Market, want to see a demo, or learn more about how it could impact your business, please reach out to us here.

About the Author

Katie Liesmann
Katie Liesmann has been the marketing Coordinator at W-Systems since January 2015. Her skill-set includes lead generation, campaign management, and content creation for the tech startup industry. Katie received her marketing degree from the University of Texas at Austin, is a certified Sugar Administrator and has written over 70 articles on Customer Relationship Management in the past two years. Former farm-girl and an Austinite for almost a decade, she is passionate about cats, cooking, and two-stepping.