The single most important criteria for sales and marketing success is the alignment of the two teams. In fact, SiriusDecisions recently shared that companies can drive 5-36% growth simply through alignment. Working towards common goals in a coordinated way sounds easy enough – determine joint processes, define service level agreements and communicate regularly. The reality is that the need to create a consistent experience across all prospect and customer interactions and the amount of data involved makes it much harder than it looks.

To facilitate the alignment, it is essential for marketing automation platforms to be integrated with the sales CRM. Without this integration, too much time and too many resources will be drained manually adding marketing-generated leads to the CRM. As you grow, you will need to convert an even greater volume of leads. If you don’t have a scalable way to manage those leads, you’ll become inundated with lead management, pulling your focus away from lead generation. This is a cycle many marketers face as the move towards digital progresses.

This is also where marketing automation can help enable success across your marketing and sales teams. Connecting your marketing automation system with your CRM automatically pushes and assigns valuable leads to a salesperson. It also pushes all of your marketing activities to the CRM as well. No more manual uploads!

Marketing Automation is Designed to:

As you digitally engage prospects with email and other content, that information is automatically passed to the CRM. Your sales team will have complete visibility into each lead’s digital footprint and see a chronological history of activities. This can help them customize their conversations around each lead’s interests, picking up the conversation where marketing left off. With all of these activities tracked inside of the CRM, sales will have a complete understanding of the impact marketing has on leads and the value being provided.

Where Do My Leads That Aren’t Ready to Buy Just yet End Up?

Finally, if sales engages a prospect only to discover they need to be nurtured further by marketing, they can add them back into the campaign from inside the CRM. This gives them the ability to guide the customer journey based on their conversations. It also ensures that leads you’ve spent valuable time and money nurturing don’t go stale just because they weren’t ready for a salesperson during the first outreach.