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  • After a phone or online demonstration between a sales rep and a prospect
  • After an initial conversation with a gatekeeper or decision maker
  • Following up a few days after the initial conversation or demo
  • To continue the conversation when the rep hasn’t heard back
  • To make more effective “asks” once the demo or initial conversation is over

About our post demo and follow up sales email templates:

Even if your prospect doesn’t reply to an initial follow-up email, you still have a 21% chance that they will respond to your second one.

So why don’t more salespeople put much effort into the quality or quantity of their follow-up or post-demo emails?

It’s not just you. 70% of sales emails only go as far as the first try.

Part of the problem we’ve found is that sales representatives are often left to their own devices. And, although there are some excellent writers and marketers among the world’s salesforce, this isn’t the place to test out their skills and hope they excel.

Help them out! (Or, if you’re on the sales team and stumbling around for direction, we have you covered.)

Do your team (and your conversion rate) a favor by implementing these best practices for follow up emails into templates that your team can either auto-populate from your email platform or send personally from their own account.

These follow-up sales email templates are easy to either replicate and customize or simply tweak and fire off. We’ve included a series of follow up emails that are sure to grab your prospect’s attention and reel them back where you want them.

Send just one of them, or grab onto that 50% of subsequent email opportunities and create a whole series of post-demo or follow up communications.

Don’t forget to down download our Free Email Marketing Template or our Email Subject Line Examples.