With a name like marketing automation, sales may not be the first department that comes to mind when deciding who will benefit most from your new system. But rest assured, sales and marketing automation are going to be the best of friends.

Like Starsky and Hutch. Jane and Daria. Wayne and Garth. Bill and Ted. Thelma and Louise. Goose and Maverick. Harold and Kumar. You get the idea…

Marketing and sales each experience frustration when it comes to the lead generation process – especially when the departments aren’t aligned or even communicating with each other. Your marketing automation system enables sales to quickly access leads’ information from their CRM cards, reach out to nurtured leads with personalized and relevant information, and close more qualified deals.

These benefits are especially helpful when implementing marketing automation for SMB (small to medium business). The true definition of SMB varies dramatically, though a common theme is any business with less than 1000 employees.

At this size, sales and marketing must work together to establish a successful SMB marketing automation system. Both departments will be sharing responsibilities and using the system to:

Sales and marketing automation software build each other up. Reps will see better leads as the software educates those that aren’t sales ready and immediately notifies them once they are. Plus, sales won’t waste their time doing this themselves – set up a nurture process in the system, tweak as needed, and watch it ride.

If your sales department isn’t active in your marketing automation process, encourage them to explore. Contact your vendor and schedule an introductory webinar for the sales team, create individual logins for reps, and help them set up tests to see firsthand how the tool works.