Today’s tech-savvy market demands data-backed, personalized relationships and marketing automation can deliver

Did you know that the average American Millennial will hold 12-15 jobs in their lifetime? Or that the average Briton will hold six jobs? Either way you slice it, that’s a lot of job hopping! And for recruiters, it means opportunities abound…

Relationships Are at The Heart of Recruiting

Building relationships has always been essential to recruiting, but it’s become even more important as the number of jobs we’re likely to hold throughout our careers has increased. For recruiters, this job hopping means that once a candidate is placed or a position is filled, they’re not “gone forever.” That exact same candidate or position may very well become a viable avenue at some point in the foreseeable future. As a result, recruiters now need to continue nurturing relationships even after reaching the goal of a successful placement.

And just as the need to build relationships has evolved, so too has the approach to doing so. In today’s digital world, recruiters need to find new ways to connect with both candidates and employers and to sustain these connections long term. Furthermore, recruiters would be remiss not to take advantage of data to make more informed decisions.

Making Relationships Digital with Marketing Automation

While nothing can replace the human touch, recruiters now need to balance physical and digital outreach when building and sustaining relationships. To achieve this balance and make candidate and employer engagement alike more intelligent, more and more recruiters have turned to marketing automation.

Although recruiting and marketing are certainly different, it turns out there’s a lot of overlap between the two. For example, both recruiters and marketers seek to build relationships, foster trust, uncover new leads and warm up prospects for the ultimate goal of conversion. And all of these are efforts with which marketing automation can help.

In general, a marketing automation platform can bring intelligence (and in many cases efficiency) to a variety of efforts, such as lead nurturing, campaign planning and execution, campaign effectiveness measurement, website visitor identification and more.

Looking at recruiting, in particular, marketing automation can help engage with candidates and employers across multiple channels — email, social media, events, etc. — to build relationships.

Why Marketing Automation Makes Sense for Recruiters

Do you as a recruiter absolutely need a marketing automation platform to build a relationship? No, you’ve likely done just that without the help of a marketing automation platform for years. But you do need a marketing automation platform to build and sustain a personalized, digital relationship — and that’s exactly the type of relationship that matters in today’s tech-savvy recruiting market.

Specifically, marketing automation can help recruiters build stronger relationships by:

Tying It All Together With CRM

As if the above wasn’t enough, you can supercharge the benefits of a marketing automation platform by integrating it with your firm’s CRM system. This integration makes it easy to drive candidate and employer leads forward or push them back to a nurturing phase as needed and to keep all information consistent and up to date. In doing so, this marketing automation-CRM integration improves visibility and allows you to develop truly personalized, digital, one-on-one relationships at scale.