Take Away Some of the Pressure of Measuring ROI with Marketing Automation Software

If you’re like most marketers today, you likely face a growing pressure to prove your value to the organization with a hard ROI. This is extremely difficult to capture if you’re working in disparate systems for all your marketing activities.

One of the key benefits of marketing automation software is you’ll have the ability to directly track the ROI of your marketing efforts and the impact on lead conversions. You can quickly see how each channel is performing on its own, how it impacts the overall funnel, how quickly marketing qualified leads are being converted through each stage in the CRM, and your success in facilitating lead conversion.

In addition to tracking your marketing automation ROI, you can also use this data to forecast how many new prospects you need to pull into the funnel based on your conversion rate, as well as projected sales based on your pipeline.

ROI Reporting Highlights