Inbound marketing gets all the glory. As digital marketers, we live and breath by our inbound marketing efforts – creating copious amounts of educational content for our customers and leads, then posting that content to every corner of the Internet – all for that magical click.

That click brings our reader back to our website, where they can bask in the glory of the content they just read, write a riveting comment, and get lost in the abundance of information found on your other pages.

Poor, lonely outbound marketing. Everyone throws it to the side as an outdated practice, but oh how wrong they are.

One of the biggest components of outbound marketing that no B2B marketing strategy can afford to live without is events. Whether attending a webinar or planning your own customer conference, the art of events isn’t going anywhere. Plus, you can even use many of your inbound marketing tools, such as marketing automation software, to help in event planning and execution.

B2B marketers have expressed that events like trade shows and webinars bring in 27 percent of their leads. Marketing automation increases that number even more while also increasing customer wins in three ways:

  1. Marketing automation enables granular tailoring of pre-show and post-show messaging, making it seem like your solution was made for them.
  2. When integrated with CRM, marketing automation provides sales with insight into who attended the event and the type of communications marketing is sending them.
  3. Marketing automation provides a 360 degree view of a lead. A prospect that entered your tradeshow booth may have already engaged on your website or with one of your email campaigns, increasing the value of that lead and helps sales to prioritize leads.

Want to learn more about how to plan live events and webinars with marketing automation? Download our B2Best Practice guide here to find out!