Besides social media, there are countless other forms of online lead generation. And, like all digital marketing, it all depends on content. We have to produce marketing content to distribute for buyers, prospects, leads, and even current customers, to consume.

Once your content is created with your buyer personas in mind, written, edited, and uploaded to your website, it’s time to distribute as a lead generation web tool. Share on social media, distribute in email campaigns, and also promote through lead generation online advertising.

Online advertising ensures quality lead generation because only those interested will engage with your content. Start by writing a short, one sentence blurb introducing your marketing content – pull a quote or statistic from the post or pose a question to your audience to encourage engagement. Also, be sure to link to a tracking URL, so marketing can monitor all activity.

There are three main types of lead generation advertising:

  1. Cost per impression: Your company is charged the number of times people view your advertisement. The problem is that you are still charged even if your target audience doesn’t click on the ad.
  2. Cost per click: Your company is charged only when potential leads click on the advertisement. This is one of the most expensive lead generation techniques as competition continues to increase for search keywords.
  3. Cost per action: Your company is only charged by the lead, though the price can be bid up by demand.

These strategies should be included as part of your marketing budget. As always, start small by setting aside $50-100 per week for content promotion. Paid online advertising ensures targeted lead generation, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can control the granular details of recipients, such as industry, professional title, location, and even age.

These online lead generation tools help you expand your audience. While having a social media presence is important, if you’re like most companies, the majority of your followers are already customers.

We need to be seen by buyers who are actively conducting their own research, show up in search engines, and appear as side banner ads on reputable online forums. The lead generation industry is a competitive one, that’s why it’s worth your time and marketing budget to invest in advertising.

Chances are, your competitors are already doing it.