Have you heard the term ‘nurture marketing’ lately and thought, ‘isn’t all marketing supposed to be about nurturing relationships?’ …Well, you aren’t wrong but, the term nurture marketing defined does refer to a specific piece of technology within marketing automation. (If you haven’t heard of marketing automation, check out this short clip.)

In it’s simplest form, the technology behind nurture marketing works like this: You send an email to a group of people. Those people either open your email and click a link in it, open your email but don’t click a link in it, or they don’t open at all (and therefore cannot click). From there, you can set each subset of the original group of people down a path based on their interactions with one email, just like a decision tree.

…That’s just the beginning of all the possibilities of nurture marketing. Imagine creating a decision tree from an event, website pageview or CRM data. Check out the video above to learn more or simply request a demo.