Seventy-nine percent of marketing leads never convert to sales (MarketingSherpa). The #1 cause for poor performance – lack of lead nurturing. Nurture marketing is a strategy that keeps marketers in front of prospects, providing relevant, worthwhile content to warm them up until they are ready for sales. Nurture campaigns automatically deploy messages based on factors like a prospect’s content engagement, website visits, demographic data and more. Ultimately, nurture marketing fills the gap between “I might be interested in your product” and “I’m ready to buy”.

Sound complicated? Never fear! Our eBook, Nurture Marketing: Plant a Seed to Warm your Leads to review some of the best practices that go along with building a nurture marketing strategy. We’ve also outlined the 6 basic nurture campaigns you can put into action today:

  • Intro | Welcome
  • Remarket | Recycled
  • Closed | Lost
  • Stay in Touch
  • Accelerator
  • Customer Lifecycle

Download Nurture Marketing: Plant a Seed to Warm your Leads and get started on turning your leads into customers.