This month, Sugar Market had the opportunity to take a group of employees to work on a Habitat for Humanity house in the Atlanta area. Sugar Market’s CEO, Christian Nahas, explained that the primary reason for getting involved in the community surrounding our headquarters is to gain perspective.

“We work so hard every day that sometimes a little perspective and humility in the form of manual labor and a cause like Habitat helps keep us grounded and reminds us of what is really important and how hard others are working just to make ends meet,” Nahas said.

Plus, it was a lot of fun to get off our laptops on a gorgeous spring day and spend time outside doing completely atypical activities for a Sugar Market Wednesday. The house was on the last day of a major refurbishing project, so we were involved in the finishing touches that made the house look and feel like a home.

We were painting, doing yard work, hanging shutters, pressure washing, assembling shelves, running from wasps, and making sure Onboarding Rep Patrick Covington didn’t eat the tilapia he had brought for lunch in an unchilled container.

When I asked HR Manager Susan Echterhoff why she selected this project in particular, she got a little philosophical, “So much of what we do on a day-to-day basis is intangible. Something like building a home together as a team gives you a tangible output working together toward a common goal,” she said. “Habitat for Humanity’s mission is not only to provide homes, but also getting the future homeowner to give back to the community by requiring volunteer hours to qualify. They are a really well-rounded organization with a great cause.”

The coolest part was that we actually got to see the dedication of the house and meet the family, things that only happen on the very last day of the build. Yosh, the new homeowner, was part of a small subset selected based on strict qualification criteria from a pool of 2,000 applicants who had never owned homes. He, his mother and father and two siblings will be moving into the house together.

This was not the first community project Sugar Market has been involved in. This past St. Patrick’s Day, a group of employees hosted a fun factory event at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to help children with severe illnesses have fun in a safe environment.

Additionally, a group from our IT department went to a school to teach coding for a day as part of Computer Science Education Week, an initiative to equip students with valuable career skills. Sugar Market looks forward to finding more opportunities to spend time in the community trying to help any way we can.