While too many leads certainly isn’t a bad problem to have, it can be a problem for companies nonetheless. If you feel like your marketing efforts are delivering results but your sales team thinks you aren’t providing enough quality leads, it’s time to get those leads under control with lead management.

Lead management was introduced to ensure nothing leaked out of the marketing funnel by providing the framework for tracking potential customers from the point the lead is generated to when it’s converted to a win. Lead management uses a lead scoring system that allows B2B marketers to measure the prospect’s level of interest by their actions taken and sets a threshold for leads to be passed over to sales.

Before setting up your lead scoring parameters however, have a chat with your sales team –

After you have a better understanding, set up the scoring parameters so that each lead is filtered accordingly. Prioritizing and delivering quality leads ensures that your sales team spends the majority of their attention on the most valuable prospects, less interested leads are put into separate nurture campaigns (If you haven’t heard of nurture marketing, check out this short clip), marketing looks like a superstar and everybody wins.

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