Tis the season of giving. A time where many of us endure hours, and often days, of travel to be with family. All of that holiday togetherness can lead to passive aggressiveness, free-flowing opinions, political arguments, and intensifying rounds of the silent treatment – or is that just my family? Somehow, we manage to forgive and forget, stuff ourselves with pie, and do it all again next year.

Sales and marketing also come together to form one big, dysfunctional family. There are petty fights about quality and quantity of leads, available content, and length of sales cycles. But, both departments have to work together for the success of the company.

In the spirit of the season, here are nine things a successful sales department is thankful for:

  1. Open communication: To be able to talk with others on what is working and what is not working goes a long way in continuous improvement.
  2. 15-minute breaks: Whether they take this time to take a walk outside, get in a Foosball game or veg out in a bean bag chair, Sales reps need the ability to walk away from the phone to gain a fresh perspective and attitude. This is integral when it’s time to close more deals.
  3. A product to believe in: Sales loves updates on product changes, advancements and competitor analysis, so they can pass that knowledge along to leads.
  4. Caffeine: Whether in the form of coffee, candy, or chemical based drinks that will one day make our hearts explode, a caffeinated sales team is a productive sales team.
  5. A clean CRM: No one wants to filter through stale leads, wrong phone numbers and misspelled email addresses.
  6. Recognition: No other departments are volunteering to call on prospects and leads. Recognize the work of sales reps with email shoutouts, a bell that rings each time a demo/appointment is scheduled, or internal contests to celebrate the “little wins.”
  7. Passion: Passion inspires and motivates others, and sales needs to be surrounded by passionate coworkers. This translates into more positive sales calls and ultimately more closed deals. Environment is everything for sales, so keep the positive vibes flowing.
  8. Active marketers: Sales loves having marketing in their corner, but more importantly they need marketers that are active – those who produce innovative, relevant and fast-acting content, and communicate throughout that content’s development.
  9. Leads: Okay, had to throw it in there. Sales needs leads to be successful. The more leads to follow, call on, and nurture, the more customers will be added each year.

Remember, when Sales is involved in the marketing process, then Sales feels invested in the marketing process. We want everyone to be accountable for your company’s success. Keep an open line of communication, ask questions, and keep the peace in the family.