Grab coffee. Drive to the office. It’s a normal Monday.  …The dashboard in your car suddenly turns to black.  You can still see where you’re going, but you are blind to the vital information regarding how to get there. You are operating a very powerful tool without any feedback on how you are progressing.

Operating a marketing automation tool without a real-time feedback loop is like driving a car with no dashboard.  Odds are that is slowing you down, making you more cautious, forcing you to question pace and vital signs.  The new Sugar Market Homepage is the dashboard that lets you accelerate with confidence.

We’ve listened to your feedback.  You asked for easier reporting of the key information you need to know about the powerful marketing automation machine you are operating.  You asked for help understanding trends.  You asked for real-time feedback on campaigns and web activity.  You asked us to help you accelerate your speed with better data insights.  We are excited to announce your own personal marketing automation dashboard chock-full of customizable, user-friendly, actionable, real-time, vital information – Sugar Market Homepage.

We didn’t stop at marketing data, sales and marketing alignment is something we work to perfect every day at Sugar Market. Aligning sales systems (CRM) with marketing systems (MAP) is the first step. Homepage is alignment central with the ability to see if your systems are working together towards the common goal: more leads, converted into more opportunities and ultimately more revenue.

Features of Homepage:

1. Funnel Snapshot: Not just the marketing funnel, the entire funnel.  Homepage aggregates information from Sugar Market and your CRM to provide a funnel snapshot with the most streamlined view of your marketing and sales efforts – from an unidentified user on your website to closed-won opportunity.

2.  Real-time Activity Stream: This is a real-time stream of all web activity and outbound email marketing activities including opens, clicks, landing page completions, etc.

3. Google Analytics for Marketing Automation: What you need to know about your engagement statistics over time including email opens, clicks, form submissions and more.  As well as a real-time dashboard of top 5 sources driving visitors.

4. Customized View:  Reporting views are customizable by the user providing the ability to ensure each member of your marketing team is able to have a Homepage that is most relevant to them. Each user has the option to easily modify the layout to their preference and has quick-access to their recently modified drafts and visited pages.