Sports marketers have so many things to think about everyday. There’s the obvious need to grow fan loyalty but there’s also things like sponsor relationships, media relationships, premium ticket sales, community outreach…you name it, a sports marketer needs to think about it. The last thing they should have to think about everyday? Technology.

It’s not to say that technology isn’t important for the sports marketer (it is vitally important) but marketers should be able to focus on what they do best: marketing. And, technology should be there to support marketing efforts. A system specifically for sports marketing has yet to be built therefore marketers are often forced to patchwork systems. Resulting in an arduous process which detracts from marketers primary focus and often isn’t the best solution.

Que: Marketing automation. Rather than patchworking email platforms, social media tools and website analytics together, they’re getting them all in one platform. Marketing automation is able to:

  1. Increase fan engagement through social publishing
  2. Track fan behavior on the web
  3. Measure fan loyalty with social listening
  4. Close-loop measurement of online engagement to ticket sale
  5. Nurture sponsor relationships through integration with the team CRM system
  6. Communicate with fans via email based on engagement (e.g. cart abandonment)

Want to learn more about what marketing automation can do for your team? Check out this short clip.