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  • Create marketing budgets for all social media ad campaigns
  • Reduce risk by mapping out your ad strategies
  • Capture ad spend across all popular platforms to track what’s working
  • Calculate your marketing budget to find the right balance

About the Marketing Budget Template

Using a marketing budget template is an easy way for you to create a very accurate, but easy-to-use tool to plan and track your social media advertising budgets. When you don’t have a clearly defined plan, it’s very easy to make a costly financial mistake. With a marketing budget plan like this, it’s possible to control spending, monitor which campaigns work, and easily have the information you need at your hand.

How to Use the Marketing Budget Template

With the campaign budget template in hand, it’s very easy to keep your ad budget in line. This template allows you to break down exactly how much you want to spend on your social media marketing and on which platform. You can do this on a daily or a monthly basis. With the marketing budget example, you can see where your budget will be going including how much you plan to spend on Facebook advertising, Google AdWords campaigns, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads.
Simply input what you estimate to spend based on where your audience is and what your goals are. Tracking how much you spend is easy and it can show you what types of campaigns are working the best for your business’s marketing goals. In a moment, you know what you are spending, where it is going, and what’s left for the month. We understand budgets can be limited. There are a lot of great ways to stretch your marketing budget to be the most effective.

Why Use a Marketing Budget Template?

Without the use of a marketing budget template, you may not have any idea how much you are spending on your company’s marketing. Even more, you cannot create a link between where your sales and leads are coming from and the dollar amount you’ve invested, also know as your cost per acquisition. Not knowing your cost per acquisition creates confusion and makes it difficult for you to know where to put your money to achieve the best results for your company.

Your expenses will vary each month. These detailed and realistic plans can help you reduce your costs, create a better understanding of where you are spending, and give you a clear path to achieving your sales goals. There are great social media strategy templates to help align your company’s goals with your social media strategy.

Download Our Marketing Budget Template

With this marketing budget plan, you’ll find it is simple to get started on the right path to a balanced social media ad budget. Download our marketing budget template now and plug in the numbers to start tracking your success.