Marketing Automation Is Like a DIY Home Improvement Project 

I just completed a DIY project at home and got to thinking about how building a shower is like using marketing automation software. I know that’s strange, but both endeavors are just a series of steps in a process. Let’s look at the commonalities:

Tiling, like marketing automation, is one of those projects that can get very expensive when you have someone else do it for you but it actually quite affordable if you tackle it yourself. With a little research, a bit of determination, and a good bit of planning you can create a masterpiece that will impress your friends, family, and colleagues. They’ll look at it and say “You did that?!” and you can say “Oh yeah. I did that!” Marketing automation can yield impressive results when you do your homework and put in the effort to really make it shine.

A good plan:

Have all the parts:

Lay a good foundation:

Do it right:

Make it look good:

Show it off: