Sales lead management is an all-inclusive marketing strategy for nurturing leads into customers. So basically, content is written, edited, and published to entice engagement, captures leads’ information, evaluates their needs, educates them through carefully segmented nurture campaigns, and passes them to sales to sign as customers.

Piece of cake. (Yeah right.)

With everything else you have to schedule, balance, and track throughout the workday, establishing a lead management process can be tossed to the side. Maybe you don’t even know it’s something you’re not doing.

Without a sales lead management software, your sales reps can quickly become frustrated by the unqualified and weak leads being thrown their way. Of course, there are free lead management software options on the market, but why invest in a new tool, even with nothing more than your time, when you can call on your marketing automation system to the rescue?

The days of using marketing automation as a fancy email batch and blast tool are over. That’s so 2009. Here are some tips and tricks to turn your marketing software into a lead management system: