There are certain, little things that I can never seem to get right. I can’t spell the word ‘definitely’ without help from auto correct, I always put the key to my apartment in upside down, and I’ve never successfully poached an egg.

While I hope these read as nothing more than minor personality quirks, there are little traps I get stuck in as a marketer as well. We all have bad marketing habits that we can’t seem to break and I see many of them firsthand inside of marketing automation software.

Like any other online program – once you’ve established a routine inside the system it’s hard to branch out. Even worse, you might be ignoring complete sections, like web analytics, lead profiles, or event management, that could improve your marketing efforts.

We asked Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, Client Success team to uncover and explain some of the most prevalent marketing automation “gotchas”:

  1. You’re afraid to go beyond the basics: As you’re first implementing marketing automation, it’s important to not overwhelm yourself with too many features. Many users first master email campaigns and landing pages, but what if that’s all you do?
    • Every MA feature builds off a previous one, so you already have more skills than you think. Attend an online training class, get in touch with support for a walk through, or simply play around on your own – trial and error is an education in itself.
  2. You’re not updating your lead scoring profiles: As you run a campaign, build a landing page, etc, check and update your lead scoring profiles accordingly. Often times, users forget about their profiles after setting them up.
    • Try treating it like a health checkup. Have a monthly schedule where you reevaluate the effectiveness, add in new landing pages, or change scoring thresholds.
  3. You’re not paying attention to data quality: As you push information into your MA system from CRM and create different field types, be consistent. Establish a company-wide rulebook for how you import data.
    • For example, if one of your field types (for segmenting email recipients) is state, decide whether you’re going to use abbreviations (GA) or full spellings (Georgia). Then, stick to that rule so you can successfully create targeted emails.
  4. You’re not pushing for form completion: As marketers, one of our most important jobs is to educate leads and capture their information (email address, company, title, etc.) to give to Sales. It doesn’t matter how many lead capture forms you have set up if no one is filling them out.
    • Don’t be afraid to guide prospects and leads to these forms – it’s not overbearing, it’s necessary. Offer incentives for “completing a customer profile” like a coupon or free asset.
  5. You don’t have a clear marketing strategy: To get the most out of your MA software, map out campaigns from start to finish, including your audience and objectives. Everything should have a purpose and a detailed next step.
    • After someone downloads a white paper, have Sales reach out to them. Then, continue to target efforts to that lead through nurturing. Make sure none of your campaigns are one and done.

Hey, there’s a bright side – acceptance is the first step toward recovery. It’s easy to get stuck in a bland routine or bad habits, even at work. Make an effort to practice a new area of your marketing automation system at least every month. You’ll definitely (got it!) be amazed at how quickly you master a new skill.