Here’s a little secret about marketing automation. Are you ready? Are you sure? Okay, here it goes… It’s a lot. A lot of research. A lot of planning. A lot of training. But, most importantly, a lot of rewards.

Marketing automation benefits are great and vast. Adopters typically see increased website traffic, more sales qualified leads, and interaction with customers through nurture marketing. If implemented correctly and treated as the powerful tool that it is, marketing automation will automate your marketing processes and restore sanity across departments.

However, some companies, especially those that adopt marketing automation software for small business may feel overwhelmed at first. There’s no shame in hiring a marketing automation consultant to get you on your feet.

Hiring a marketing automation consulting team can show you the capabilities and power of the tool beyond email blasting. Of course, you know these other processes are there, (that’s why you invested in the system in the first place!) but it’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone.

But before you fork over even more money to marketing automation consultants, turn to the masterminds behind your new tool:

Too often, companies implement marketing automation with grand goals and long term needs, but don’t invest the right resources into achieving those goals. They end up stuck with a big, empty tool that does nothing more than pump out emails and serve as a fancy address book.

These tools are so much more.

Don’t leave out content development, lead generation, event planning, social sharing, lead nurturing, and whatever the next big addition to the digital marketing world might be.