We like to think that marketing automation is a super cool and crazy hip tool for all kinds of different marketing needs. Of course we do, because we’re a marketing automation vendor.

It’s a great time to be a marketing automation buyer – you have your choice of a plethora of marketing automation vendors. Some specialize in enterprise sales, others focus their efforts strictly on email marketing, and most try to encapsulate and automate as many lead generation processes as possible without inducing anxiety attacks.

These tools that automate and regulate email, lead scoring, social nurturing, and events are referred to as marketing automation suites.

Suite tools are designed to combine the functionalities of dozens of stand alone marketing softwares into one system. This helps keep things consistent, saves time on training, keeps all assets in one spot, and keeps all team members and data integrated.

Here are some marketing automation comparison tips to keep in mind when researching the right solution for your own department: