Increase your Social Reach with Automated Social Marketing

There was a time when social media was a quick status on Facebook or trying to figure out the 140 characters you wanted to fit on Twitter. Digital marketing revolved more around Google AdWords and email marketing. However, with advancing technology social media has quickly become complex with many moving parts.

Social media is an easy way for prospects to inquire about a problem they are trying to solve, type of solution they are interested in, or details on experiences with providers. Integrating your social media strategy with marketing automation allows for automated social media marketing to save you time managing your social campaigns. Promoting social content across different channels among one dashboard is a powerful way to prioritize your time and track your leads.

Do you know how many conversations are happening right now that are potential buyers looking for a service you provide or even asking specifically for feedback on your company? Having immediate visibility to these buying signals is just another way that marketing automation drives leads. The ability to quickly comment and engage with these prospects is key to identifying buyers earlier and starting to build relationships with them.

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