Ah, the eternal lead source questions a marketer must answer. We’ve all been faced with the following questions:

And, don’t even get me started on secondary lead sources – the choices are endless!

Here at Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market, we are marketing to marketers and sales teams, using our own marketing automation platform. To be honest, it’s a marketer’s dream! While we wait for the first carafe of coffee to brew in the morning, we can collaborate with the engineers that have developed our platform for the last eight years about innovative ways our technology is shaping our process and vice versa. On Fridays, our all-company lunches are spent chatting with the UX teams about upcoming releases and the roadmap.

Even with our own product and incredibly bright engineers at our fingertips, the marketing team still scratched our heads as we sat at the big board room table to refresh our lead source structure.

Shoot. What’s the best structure for our primary lead sources?

At Salesfusion, we’ve always been great at using our platform, but like many other teams out there, we haven’t always been great at consistently adhering to our own lead source creation best practices (Uncle Ben was right!). We’ve also developed more sophisticated lead channels, so it was definitely time for a lead source makeover.  

After multiple sessions and healthy debates about what works best for our business, we evolved our own lead source model and are reaping the benefits of even easier reporting on ROI through the sales funnel.

After completing the overhaul, what did we learn?

1. Think first of the reports you need most and how you will make decisions going forward. Then work your way back into the lead sources:

2. Smart assignment of primary and sub lead sources set us up for better reporting going forward:

3. A static single lead source is not the way to go:

Whew! Who would have thought something as seemingly simple as lead sources could be so strategic. This, for us, is the magic and the power of a robust marketing automation platform. As marketers sitting amongst some of the worlds best software engineers who are engineering the way marketing platforms evolve, we’ll continue to be faced with questions that bring the power of our platform face to face with the real life questions of a marketer.