Lead management and scoring helps to prioritize prospects, allowing sales to focus on the most valuable leads.

Building this framework for tracking and managing prospective customers from start to finish is very important and probably easier than you think.

Transcript of the Video

Let’s talk about leads. Everyone needs them, sales wants more of them, and your CFO tells you to spend less getting them.

Years ago when marketing played a less strategic role, it was all about volume. We flooded the top of the funnel with names of people. It was then up to sales to close them, and we got frustrated when they didn’t. At the same time, they complained that marketing never provided good leads.

Through an improved process and marketing tools, lead management was introduced to ensure leads didn’t leak out of the funnel.

Lead Management provides the framework for tracking and managing prospective customers from when the lead is generated to the point it converts to a win.

So, how do you know a lead is ready for sales? Lead scoring allows B2B marketers to measure a prospect’s level of interest by the actions taken. With scoring, marketers assign values based on behavior and demographics and set a threshold for the total points needed for a lead to pass over to sales.

It may sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. Does the prospect have the right job title from a company within your target market? Did they attend a webinar, visit your pricing page, or download key collateral? A lead can be scored on all of these items so you know who is the most likely to buy.

If you don’t have this information readily available, a meeting with sales may be all you need. Take a look at your current customers to define key characteristics, review recent wins and simply discuss what makes someone a good lead.

With a general understanding of key activities, you can get started on setting up a scoring model. You’ll focus sales’ attention on the most valuable leads and marketing will look like a superstar by prioritizing prospects that matter most and delivering more qualified leads.

Cassie Ebinger, Marketing Concierge Manager