The best lead generation programs are the ones that are tailored for your business. This way, they relate to the work that you do, the specific products and services that you offer, and the ideal customer based on buyers seeking what you’re selling. To do this effectively, no matter the industry, we all have to move away from direct mail and cold calling to online lead generation software.

And don’t resist this change with excuses based on your market or location.

UK lead generation should follow the same basic model as US lead generation, though many of our tea-drinking brethren prefer a more formal approach to content creation. Those of us stateside often invoke humor in videos, infographics, and even blog posts to break up the heaviness of educational material.

Make sure you always have your audience in mind during content execution – bathroom humor will only get you so far.

No matter your place in the world, invest your time in the following lead generation programs:

Of course we want all of this, but we also want automated lead generation. Typically housed inside your marketing automation software, automated processes produce more high quality leads and close more business with less manual effort. Most of them involve a system of lead scoring and lead nurturing where, once a predetermined threshold is reached, the software notifies sales that the lead is ready for a conversation.