As a recruiter, you wear a lot of hats. You attract and nurture candidate leads, “sell” to those leads the idea of working with you as well as taking different job opportunities, coordinate and manage interviews and the list goes on.

The bottom line is, it’s a lot to keep track of, and even the best recruiters need some help to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently. For many recruiters, that help comes in the form of developing a lead generation strategy in order to maintain a strong pipeline full of quality candidates.

Lead Generation Lays the Foundation for Solid Recruiting

For recruiters, a strong pipeline of candidates is the holy grail. It means there’s a qualified pool from which the hiring organization can pick, which leaves room to filter out candidates based on any number of factors and gives the hiring company multiple options. It also means that your firm has a large base of candidates for similar roles, which can help you fill those roles faster and help you attract new companies that need help hiring for those types of roles.

But filling that pipeline with the right candidates — those that match the hiring company’s needs in terms of skills, experience, personality, career goals, etc. isn’t easy. It’s why recruiters spend so much time sourcing candidates and building relationships over time. That said, having a strong lead generation strategy can make keeping that pipeline full of quality candidates easier.

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Strategic Thinking: How Recruiters Can Master Lead Generation

Given how important lead generation is for recruiting, how can you develop a lead generation strategy to keep your recruiting pipeline full of high quality leads at all times? Here are our top tips:

Putting it All Together: Top Tactics to Bring Your Lead Generation Strategy to Life

Finally, let’s take a look at the types of activities you can undertake to bring this lead generation strategy to life in your recruiting. For example, you might:

A Recruiter’s Dream: A Pipeline Full of High Quality Leads

As a recruiter, having a pipeline full of high quality leads is a win all around. It helps your firm cull better candidates and fill roles faster and gives the hiring managers with which you work more choices. In turn, these benefits can help you attract new companies that need your help hiring, giving you more job opportunities to offer those high quality leads in your pipeline. Of course getting to this point starts with developing a strong lead generation strategy that you can use to find, attract and convert current and future job seekers.