There are very few areas of business where you can see where the road takes you, fly by the seat of your pants, figure it out as you go, insert additional cliche here…

And starting a lead generation business is definitely not one of those areas. Remember, we define lead generation as capturing an interested buyer’s information and nurturing them into educated and qualified customers through content. With those lead generation business models in place, you absolutely have to know what you’re going to do with the lead’s personal information and how you are going to get them their desired content.

No one is going to complete a lead capture form on your website without thorough knowledge about what your company is going to do with it.

So, before you can start a lead generation business, you have to establish a detailed roadmap of how people move from anonymous website visitor to satisfied customer and valuable brand advocate. This is done best accomplished through a series of brainstorming sessions between your marketing and sales departments.

As a marketer, I want to say that we’re the ones that have all of the answers. That we’re the ones who can predict a lead’s next move. However, sales reps are usually your best lead generation consultants.

Sales reps have access to:

With this information in mind, consider sales reps each as an individual lead generation consultant. Before your first cross-departmental roadmap meeting, ask each rep to write down his or her own version of the perfect sales cycle. Then, when everyone is together, compare notes and create a collaborative environment where everyone feels comfortable supporting their own opinions and challenging others.

After a few sessions, yes it will take more than one 60 minute meeting, you should have a clear map in place. Be sure to include any and all possible challenges in your business model. Not all leads are ready to write you a check after attending their first product demo.