Why does your company blog?

Can you provide an immediate answer to that question or does it trigger dumbfounded silence until you can track down your content manager? Successful content marketers build a B2B lead generation blog to educate buyers about their industry and products.

Here are four quick tips on how to do lead generation blogging:

  1. Include a call to action in your posts: Whether it’s a white paper download, event registration, or a webinar lead generation tool like a pre-recorded demo, link to another page to capture reader information. Make sure the landing page you link to relates back to the blog post’s subject.
    • Drop these CTAs in anywhere in your post, including the subtitle, header, in a sidebar, or at the end of the blog copy.
  2. Post downloadable content: This can be any type of asset from white papers, infographics, explainer videos, to eBooks. Upload this content to your blog and then promote across your social media sites to drive traffic.
    • Here’s an important lead generation how to tip – always make sure website visitors complete a lead capture form to access their download. We need their names, email addresses, and other selected business information.
  3. Reward referrals: Offer additional free content to loyal blog readers that share your content and, in turn, help you capture more leads. Maybe you have a high value white paper co-sponsored by an industry leader, offer a free download for readers who refer five new blog email opt-ins.
    • To simplify tracking of referrals and referees, create opt-in landing pages inside your marketing automation system and add “Referral” as a required field.
  4. Make sales reps accessible: Turn your content into a sales lead generation blog machine by including sales’ contact information or links to demo requests across every page. To be less obvious about it, add these buttons up top with page options.
    • Also inside of your marketing automation software, set up alerts so a sales rep is notified whenever a lead requests a demo or additional information.