Outbound marketing used to rule the world. Marketers would spend the whole year gearing up for trade show season where hungry buyers would flock to their booths for live demos, actual conversations with sales reps, and free swag.

While trade shows, and other outbound lead generation systems like cold calling, still hold prominent placement on our calendars, buyers have control of their own sales cycle and start the process days, even weeks, before sales even knows they exist. Online lead generation companies have accepted their new fate – posting valuable content on their website, blog, and social sites.

Enter lead generation consulting, which helps you find the right leads for your company’s products or services and, even better, helps those perfect leads find your company.

The best lead generation websites have a heavy focus on inbound marketing – the process of creating educational, valuable, and desired content and then distributing said content across various digital and social channels. The goal is to make our content (blog posts, infographics, eBooks, presentations, etc.) incredibly accessible to potential buyers early in their sales cycle.

Inbound marketing increases demand, establishes qualified sales opportunities, and drives traffic back to your lead generation sites, such as your products page or blog.

However, there are still plenty of consulting flops that can happen when you only care about pumping out something, anything with no attention given to the quality of your content.

Here are some lead generation business mistakes to avoid:

If you can steer your marketing department away from these all too common mistakes, stay aware of your lead generation efforts (while periodically assessing and updating), and produce quality inbound marketing efforts then you will be ahead of the game with lead generation for the complex sale.