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  • Provides multivariate testing baseline for landing page best practices
  • Links to other high converting landing pages
  • Provides an automated structure to capture information about potential customers

About the Lead Capture Page Template

The lead capture page template is meant to provide a central hub for customer acquisition with landing page optimization that will carry over into your other marketing efforts. Your landing page template can serve you in many capacities if it is properly organized, and lead capture page templates can also be one of your best guide tools. The template can also automate much of your customer acquisition strategy, preserving your manpower for more creative pursuits. You can also introduce your brand properly to your prospective customers and reinforce that brand to your current customers.

How to Use the Lead Capture Page Template

Utilize your lead capture page template as a starting point for your marketing automation and customer acquisition efforts. You can also use the template as a marker for other landing page templates, testing their credibility with your target audience. Because the deep pages on your website will share certain characteristics with your landing pages, successful landing pages that converts new customers can be multiplied across your entire web campaign.

Why Use a Lead Capture Page Template

Properly utilized, a lead capture page template gives you the ability to create your own distribution lists for remarketing efforts. Remarketing efforts cost 90% less than trying to constantly find new customers, and the people who found their way to your page are by far the most interested. You will also have marketing lists ready for follow up emails and sales pitches, lists that can be further organized into niches for even more effective outreach.

A lead capture page template also keeps you from hiring expensive third-party marketers to reorganize elements of your campaign needlessly. Once you have found a template that works, you can use it in many different product marketing campaigns with results that you can predict based on past performance of the template.

Download Our Lead Capture Page Template

With our lead capture page template, you will be able to begin bolstering your distribution lists and expanding your marketing immediately. Download our template and begin experimenting with your capture technique to give your sales campaigns new ROI opportunities.