How Kyloe Partners, Bullhorn’s global integration partner, utilizes Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, to double their lead gen campaigns and cut 60% of their workload


Kyloe Partners was searching for a CRM-integrated solution that made building landing pages and email campaigns easier than their existing solution. The CRM integration was fundamental in assisting with the alignment between Sales and Marketing to accomplish brand synergy and more efficiently share information.


Finding a more user-friendly marketing automation platform with a native integration to their integration partner CRM, Bullhorn, after being dissatisfied with Act-On.


Doubled marketing communications volume by cutting 60% of the workload to create powerful nurture campaigns, conversion-focused landing pages and responsive emails. Kyloe was also able to increase data flow between Sales and Marketing with the native Bullhorn CRM and Sugar Market integration.

“From emails to documents to web traffic–it is all so easy to see. It is all about visibility of the latest interactions to demonstrate a great customer experience. By seeing what has happened the recruiter can build better relationships by having better conversations while maintaining the corporate brand.”
—Kirsten Moorman, Marketing Manager, Kyloe Partners