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  • Creates a precise basis for the rest of the online marketing campaign
  • Elevates the website trust factor in the major search engines
  • Allows for easy indexing of the website in the major search engines
  • Helps create ubiquity as well as visibility within the major search engines
  • Serves as an initial point of analysis for customer acquisition techniques and CRM

Keyword Research Templates: Long Term Discovery Strategies

Your organic search traffic relies on the keywords that you choose. More than that, the keywords that you choose always end up being central to the theme of all subsequent marketing efforts. Keywords help the major search engines, responsible for around 80% of all online traffic, properly index your site for easier accessibility to the people searching for answers.

Combine the many tools available to you (SEMRush, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, etc.) with a bit of social listening and common sense, and you will soon discover keywords that will separate you from your competition and connect you to your audience at the same time.

Keyword research can also serve as a great starting point for your offline sales campaign. Pepper your sales scripts with them and use their synonyms and connotations as themes for print marketing campaigns – after all, these are the words that people naturally associate with a certain topic area. They willingly type these words into Google, no coercion necessary. They are basically giving you your marketing direction – take it!

Download the Keyword Research Templates

Follow the steps in the template below to discover the words that will signal the presence of your brand to your preferred audience. You will be able to hone your own instincts, vetting them through free analytics that come from the same organizations that collect the most accurate data on consumer behavior.
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