Marketing Automation allows users to streamline the creation, management and analysis of campaigns and leads in one place. Automating and tracking previously manual processes for email, website interactions, events and other activities such as nurture campaigns, it prioritizes and efficiently manages leads as they move through the customer lifecycle. It helps marketers do more, in less time, with better results. Check out this 2 minute video to get an introduction to Marketing Automation and understand if your company could benefit from it.

Transcript of Video

Marketing Automation. If you haven’t used it before, it can seem like this big, overwhelming thing. Maybe that’s why only 10% of companies with less than 500 million in revenue are using it even though all the data shows it can deliver big returns.

I want to break it down so you understand exactly what marketing automation is and decide if it can live up to its hype for your business.

As marketers, we juggle lots of different tasks–planning, messaging, events, website, social, lead gen, reporting– the list could go on and on. That’s a lot of balls in the air and without tools and processes to support your efforts, you are bound to drop one.

Marketing automation is designed to help marketers do more, in less time, with better results. It manages all leads and campaigns in one place. It automates and tracks previously manual processes for emails, website interactions, and events.

It will even prioritize leads and create tasks in the CRM for sales follow up. The best part is, it measures everything, so you can easily see what is working and how marketing is contributing to the bottom line.

Now that you know what marketing automation is, you need to figure out if it is right for your business. If you can’t keep up with all that is being asked of marketing, it might just be what you’re looking for.

You may have sales asking for more leads or complaining the leads you send aren’t any good. And you might even be frustrated that the leads you worked so hard to generate fall into a black hole once you pass them over to sales.

Or is your sales cycle so long that it’s hard to stay top of mind with prospects and customers? What about follow up with people who request information from your website or attend an event?

Then there are spreadsheets. If you find that you are spending more time in these than your finance team, you’ve definitely got a problem. Campaigns, leads, and reporting by spreadsheets just doesn’t scale and leaves too much room for error.

Marketing Automation helps you generate more qualified leads, engage with prospects and customers, track campaign performance, and analyze your results all in one place.

You can make marketing automation as easy or complex as needed to fit your business. So don’t be overwhelmed. There are lots of tools and resources out there to help you get started.

Malinda Wilkinson, CMO