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  • Presenting information in a unique and engaging fashion
  • Employing visuals to consolidate complex technical information into smaller physical spaces
  • Infographics are very popular in the modern boardroom
  • Information sticks more readily in the minds of the viewer if more than one sense is engaged (sight+hearing, memory+sight), and infographics perform this task incredibly well

Infographics: Multi-Faceted Information Transfer Tools

You will be able to quickly and easily take advantage of the highly popular and more effective engagement techniques that infographics offer without a production learning curve. Infographics increase engagement by about 80% and increase the ability to retain that information by about 55%.

Visual content will take over the Internet by 2019 by all standards, and you need infographics in your life if you are going to participate in this updated business landscape and economy. Surprisingly, making a great infographic is not that difficult to do, and it can be done without outsourcing to an expensive third party marketing company.

You will be able to pack more information than ever into a smaller space, increasing your reputation as an expert in your field while ensuring that people actually stay interested in your content. You no longer have to water down your content or include salacious headlines or lead in stories to get people to read – people are naturally inclined to share, retweet and talk about things that have visual cues. You also possibly gain credibility within the major search engines, because Google now indexes graphics with the same precision as full text sites.

The popularity of infographics is only increasing over time according to Google Trends. There is no downside to learning how to create and use these incredible pieces of content, and the attached template will give you an easy to follow guide.

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