Outbound marketing strategy is focused on sending content or messages to prospects through telemarketing, direct mail, email, or additional advertising campaigns.

Think of this strategy as standing on a crowded street corner screaming about your company and your services through a bullhorn. Sure, you’re getting your message out there, but can anyone really hear it among all the noise and confusion? This is becoming less and less effective as noise increases and tactics, such as events and mailing tools, are costing marketers more money.

Outbound marketing is still a thing. You can’t cut it completely out of your life, but inbound marketing is where we’re headed.

And who is pushing these tactics to the curb? Inbound marketing and the rise of the digital conversation. Inbound techniques are focused on getting customers to find you via search, referrals, social media, etc.

Here is a breakdown of inbound vs. outbound marketing:




Consumers are sick and tired of being chased down by companies – hence the rise of caller ID to avoid talking to telemarketers. So, instead of following around the very people that just want to be left alone, inbound marketing allows you to be found by the people researching your tools and industry.

To effectively embrace inbound marketing: