Inbound marketing is more than just building a strategy and expecting leads to come.

With so much on a marketer’s plate already, it’s imperative to use tools like marketing automation, SEO audits, social capabilities and website tracking that will maximize a marketer’s efforts, making everyone the most successful at the activities already being done.


Transcript of the Video

The hype around inbound marketing has duped us into thinking that if we build it, they will come. The problem is, that’s too simplistic of an approach. It takes hard work to create content, optimize it for search engines, socialize it, and capture all these visitors when they come to your website. While all of these activities are important, marketers have so much to do already and need tools to effectively drive results.

People are quick to think of marketing automation as simply a way to nurture, score, and manage leads. But what about attracting more leads?

With SEO audit and social capabilities, today’s marketing platforms have you covered. While the big guys can pay expensive consultants to help with SEO, what about starting with a simple audit that compares your web pages to a competitor’s for keywords that matter most? An audit will give you a checklist of items to address to improve rankings so your site is found.

Social media marketing has been a hot topic, but can you measure the value of your social campaigns? It’s not just about the number of followers, likes, and retweets. Which of your posts are actually driving conversions on your website? With social capabilities you can track all of this while facilitating employee advocacy to amplify the impact of your efforts.

By optimizing for search engines and socializing great content, you’ll begin to drive more visitors to your site. But what’s next? Do you know who is visiting? Do you know what they’re viewing? Website visitor tracking helps to identify the company of anonymous visitors to your site.

And what about returning visitors you know? Wouldn’t it be great to alert your sales team of their hot prospects currently on your site and let them know which pages they visited? A study from says that if you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them – so you definitely want to get these over to sales quickly.

But with so much on a marketer’s plate, you can’t do it alone. You need to take a look at tools that can help you maximize your efforts, so you can be more successful with the activities you’re already doing.

Matthew Dibling, Implementation Team Lead