Last week, I said that inbound marketing was like a shark – it had to keep moving forward or else it died. This week, inbound marketing is like a shape shifter (let’s just make everyone happy and call it a shape shifting shark). It can take on many different forms of marketing content, whether it be transformed into social media, SEO, events, or blogging.

Inbound marketing in 2012, and even in 2013, brushed blogging to the side as more and more B2B companies turned their attention to the growing social media market. But a 140-character tweet cannot replace a 500-1,000 word blog post. Sure, it can promote it and broaden its reach, but blogs have the educational, curated content that buyers crave.

Writing and posting inbound marketing blogs ensures that you are bringing traffic into your website. However, as a you are now a skilled inbound marketer, you know that the quality of that traffic is more important than the quantity.

Begin your inbound marketing blogs by ensuring that you have clearly defined, and are strictly following, an SEO inbound marketing plan:

Impact inbound marketing includes content, best practices, and real world examples for your readers. Make sure the information you’re posting is relevant to the needs, wants, and challenges of your persona. We want our prospective buyers, qualified leads, and content-hungry customers to love our shape-shifting shark as much as we, the inbound marketers, do.