The age-old question – how can I accomplish this cheaply and effectively? First of all, let’s go ahead and wipe the word cheaply from our professional vocabulary. It’s a dirty, dirty word. Instead we want to find cost effective options and in this case, it’s low cost lead generation.

Here are some online lead generation services that will feed your hungry sales reps without breaking the bank:

  1. Target leads with PPC ads: When potential customers enter keywords and questions into a search engine, they’re looking for an answer to their problems. Your company must have a clear search engine presence to aid your online lead generation sales.
    • With effective ad copy and a place at the top of the list, you can accomplish on your own what you’d be paying a lead generation agency to do for you.
    • Be sure that your ads link to various pages on your website, include links to demos, blogs, and lead capture forms instead of just your homepage.
  2. Network on social media: Get everyone, and I mean everyone from customer service to IT, active and engaged on social media. Lead generation statistics continue to support social media engagement as an effective marketing tool.
    • Potential customers value the word of your employees, even more so than the company’s president or CEO.
    • If the interns, the entry level employees, managers, and directors believe in your company, that speaks volumes about your trustworthiness. Lead generation agencies can’t mimic employee advocacy.
  3. Invest time in video marketing: People love to be entertained and video lead generation can capture viewers attention while educating them about your product or service. Videos also display your company culture and personality.
    • Keep videos short, shoot for something under two minutes, and stick to animation over live action, as it’s much easier to edit.

A lead generation expert will tell you that viewers don’t want to feel like you’re selling to them, so subtly drop in keywords about your industry and products. Don’t make a three-minute-long buy us or else declaration.