My cellphone is a tiny overlord that controls my life. It literally tells me when to get up in the morning (alarm), what to do all day (calendar), and what my friends and family are up to (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). In a game of ‘Would You Rather’ I will do pretty much anything before giving up my phone.

Because this demanding little object never leaves my side, I’m constantly connected to the social media world – even when I’m not in the app, I get alerts that pop up like text messages. Someone favorited your tweet! Someone liked your post! Someone sent you a message! Someone somewhere did something that may or may not interest you!

I’ve learned to ignore most of these screams for attention. They’ve become nothing but white noise. Then I go to work and run Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, social media. When I post on social and don’t get the responses I’m looking for, I get frustrated and confused – I expect my audience to hang on my every word as I continue to ignore my own alerts.

Hypocrite, party of one.

Audience engagement through social media is totally possible. In fact, it’s literally the reason behind each of these sites. As B2B marketers, it’s more difficult to get our readers and followers to engage with our content by favoriting, commenting on, or sharing our posts, than our brothers and sisters in the B2C world.

Try these tips to increase your audience engagement and even get hypocrites like me to interact with your inbound content: