I have a creepy habit. I Google everyone. Friends, family, friends of friends, old classmates, co-workers, writers I like, writers I don’t like, celebrities… no one is off limits. I could try to justify my actions, claiming that it’s for research or to learn more about my peers, but it’s mainly just because I’m nosy.

Excessive searching will teach you a lot about a person – things they’ve put on the Internet themselves and, too often, old Xangas and MySpace pages that would make them cringe to know are still available to the general public. It’s all out there for creeps like me to track down and read.

Searching and analyzing a company is even easier than tracking down your 8th grade crush. Sure, potential customers are going to hit up online forums, industry sites, and social media sites to find the inside scoop on your organization, but the hottest hit is also the most obvious – your website.

Your company website is your first impression on the world. You have total control over the content, the branding, the style, the layout, the links… everything.

As marketers, we’ve become obsessed with SEO and digital content engagement. While access and click through rates on your site should be monitored and scored, we’re overlooking ROI as a tremendously important key metric.

Website ROI is measured by conversions or how many anonymous website visitors complete online actions until they’re nurtured into paying customers. The question remains, how do we complete these conversions? Embrace your website’s cyber stalkers by measuring their activity to better your ROI. Here are four ways to turn your website into an ROI machine:

You’ll know your ROI is improving as your conversion numbers climb up. If that’s not enough of an indicator – ask your customers for their opinion. Send a quick email survey asking what the best and worst features on your website are. After all, these are the people who once landed on your homepage as anonymous visitors.

That will even leave you enough time to Facebook stalk a few wedding albums.