Last Wednesday, we answered the question, “What is lead management?” It is an all-inclusive marketing strategy for nurturing leads into customers. Unfortunately, knowing the definition of lead management and understanding how to implement best practices is easier said than done.

Most companies don’t have a lead funneling process in place. For a few that claim they do their current process typically consists of manually sorting through leads. This results in inefficiencies and many errors due to ineffective communication between sales and marketing departments to hold onto and nurture the lead.

Defining the roles of your organization’s marketing, sales, and customer service departments is the first step toward accomplishing your lead management sales dreams. Below are four additional steps to take to implement a successful lead management process after conducting the initial brainstorming session.

With these lead management systems and processes in place, you should see an increase in your marketing and lead generation ROI. However, this increase will only happen when quality, educational content is coupled with a knowledgeable sales team that will make your leads feel comfortable, prepared, and eager to close.

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