snapchat like a pro

Snapchat took the world by storm in September 2011, and has since evolved. Originally used by teenagers, the age range for Snapchat are people in their mid-teens to mid-thirties. Not only has the demographic evolved, but also the features. Snapchat now offers multiple ways for businesses to reach their target market.

So how will your business use Snapchat? This depends on a variety of factors such as budget, time, and target market appeal. Snapchat has its benefits, such as increasing ROI, brand awareness, engagement and reach amongst its target market. Many businesses now use Snapchat to reach their target audience, and there are case studies that demonstrate its benefits.

Overview of Snapchat

Snapchat is an app only available through mobile that allows users to create “stories” about their lives, day, or company through pictures and videos they share with their followers. Although each picture or video only lasts a few seconds, it’s also added to a user’s “story” and stored on their account for a day, then it “disappears”. However, the user can save their own pictures for use later and their followers can look at their stories repeatedly throughout the course of the day. Users have the option of using filters on photos, which can be sponsored geofilters that companies or users can make for a fee. Companies can have their own snapchat stories where they can post articles and other specialized content for users to view. Snapchat is an interactive and unconventional way to aid in the lead generation process and drawing in younger businesses that could result in a long-term consumer for your company.

How is Snapchat different from other platforms?

Snapchat is different from other social media platforms because there are barriers to build one’s following. Unless you know a person’s individual snapcode or add them by using the “Add Nearby” feature, you cannot add followers just by “exploring” or “searching” in the same way as you would on Instagram or Facebook. However, it is not impossible to build followers by employing a mixture of traditional and new methods of marketing. This can be combated by cross promoting your company’s snapcode across already established social media platforms. Also, if you are a brick and mortar store, you can put QR codes on your promotional items or point-of-purchase stands in your office or store.

6 Ways to Track Snapchat Success

Snapchat is not a fit for every company. However, if it seems like it is a fit for your company, make sure you appeal to your target market through A/B testing some of these tips.

  1. Keep it casual: Millennials are the primary target audience for Snapchat and know when your company is putting up a facade in the form of advertising. Snapchat is a seamless and light-hearted app, so your company does not need portray itself in the same formal way that it does on LinkedIn or Facebook. Therefore, it is ok to show the shenanigans or an exclusive look within your company to your followers, (within reason). Showing the individuals that work at your company creates your brand image amongst your target market. It also makes your followers feel personally connected to the company. This can be done in multiple ways, such as showing company on-and-off campus events. Just make sure it is fluid, not staged, and under two minutes. More than two minutes and companies generally see a decrease in viewership.
  2. Demo like there’s no tomorrow: Good news! You can demo without being to sales-oriented. How can you do this? Through dispensing your products or services to influencers in your market or following influencers/users that enjoy your products. This can be done in multiple ways, such as quick snaps of influencers unboxing your products or using it throughout the course of their day. Your company can also show use of your products. However, do it sparingly because you don’t want your snapchat to be similar to all the videos posted on your website. Companies can even request for followers who are current customers to show how to use your products, with creative twists that can make the story interesting, such as using filters.
  3. It’s a surprise: You want to make your followers feel like they are the first to know if there is a development in your company. This means that when a new feature, product, or change in the company is coming, you can give your followers hints about up-and- coming attractions. Reveal pieces or parts of the benefits of the new development through your snapchat story up until the product launch. This can create more word-of-mouth around a product launch, and more sales post-launch.
  4. Track, track, track: Tracking ROI can be simpler than you think. Some companies do not want to employ Snapchat because they think that their efforts cannot be tracked. However, there are several ways to track your Snapchat activities. When followers use your filters, look at your story (or better, watch your full story), screenshot, or advocate your company, that is how you track ROI! Lastly, promotional marketing, like coupons or promo codes, is another way to track ROI.
  5. Run a promotional campaign: Campaigns can be easier than you think. Snapchat has a dedicated agency page for those companies who desire to work with a Snapchat partner. Promotional campaigns can be done in multiple ways, from making a targeted ad that trendjacks a popular event to hiring someone who is skilled in social media.
  6. Filter your content: Filters are no longer for major companies that have hundred thousands of dollars to spend on Snapchat Ads or originally . Now, individuals and small-to-midsize companies can make their own snapchat filters at their own rate. Want to learn how to learn more? Check out the section below.

All About GeoFilters: Tips and Tricks

Geofilters are a great way to promote an upcoming event or product for your company. Creating a geofilter is also pretty easy and inexpensive for your business. For example, a Fourth of July preset filter that spans 3,627,741 Sq Ft in the Buckhead area costs for $386.81 USD from July 3rd at 4pm to July 4th at 4pm. However, you can make a filter for as little as $5. Custom filters can stay active from as little as an hour up to a month. Through three easy steps, you can create your company’s geofilter.

  1. Tick tock, tick tock: Make sure you are putting the correct time parameter on your company’s geofilter before purchase. You do not want the filter to disappear before your company’s annual summit is over or too far after the event is over, wasting money in the process.
  2. Oh, the places you’ll go: Your company’s geofilter needs to be within the right parameter, and not only because the more square feet the geofilter encompasses the more the filter costs. You do not want individuals who are not a part of an event for your company to inappropriately use your geofilter. This can mean bad news for your company, as you cannot control who uses your geofilter if the user is within the parameter. To avoid a PR mishap, make sure the place your filter goes is right for your company.
  3. A pop of color goes a long way: Your geofilter should represent your company, because a picture says a thousand words. Make sure it is not just standard text and that it differentiates itself from other filters so people will want to use them. From having creative doodles as a part of the filter to a theme, make sure you are conveying what your target market wants to see.

Is Snapchat right for your company?

Snapchat may not be right for your company, but you will never know unless you try. It may be worth your time to explore what it can do for your bottom line. Beta testing Snapchat can be easily managed through social media management that is integrated within your marketing automation tool if your company decides to cross promote Snapchat on other social media platforms. Regardless of if Snapchat is a fit for you, real-time recording is here to stay, and now is the time for your company to use these tips on how to Snapchat like a pro and be an early adopter (and reap the benefits).