Small businesses have plenty of challenges to overcome. They have fewer employees to balance workloads, smaller budgets to manage, and countless hoops to jump through – all while trying to keep up with the big boys.

With all of that to deal with, who even has the time to stress about small business marketing software?

Too many marketers in this situation, who are probably also balancing sales and customer service responsibilities, resort to implementing a free marketing software. Sure, the price may be right, but the capabilities probably won’t meet your standards. Don’t jump into managing a software too quickly – there are plenty of marketing strategies you can adopt as you build your brand.

Instead of investing in marketing software applications that you can’t wait to kick to the curb, try these easy-to-implement tips before committing to a marketing software for your small business:

Of course, once your small business begins to turn a profit and grow in size, your marketing department will also grow in needs. Once you have the budget to successfully execute a marketing software, you can automate your previously manual processes such as lead scoring, website tracking, and various nurture campaigns.