We’ve all seen track and field relay races. Whether through our own eyes, watching from the scorching hot bleachers at a high school meet, or from the comfort of our couches heading into a second straight hour of “sports bloopers” videos on YouTube.

You know the drill. Shorty-shorts number one comes around a turn clutching a baton in his sweaty hand and must gracefully pass said metal rod to shorty-shorts number two, so he can take off running with it.

The passing period usually goes off without a hitch. However, sometimes gravity takes over and the results can be pretty comical – there’s fumbling, often a bit of galloping, brief moments of unintentional hand-holding, and baton drops. Baton drops are the worst.

Sounds a lot like the lead handoff from marketing to sales – awkward.

Here are four ways to avoid dropping the baton when passing leads from marketing to sales: