All this talk in the marketing world about content marketing can be overwhelming, but you probably have more to work with than you think you do. There are a couple good reasons I’m talking about content repurposing:

  1. Time and Resources: Your leads are looking for solutions on Google. You want them to find your great content and use it as their resource for learning how to solve their problem. This buyer approach requires you to feed your website and/or marketing automation platform a ton of awesome content. Content generation requires a lot from your people. Brainstorming, writing, editing, graphics, review. Who’s got time for that? Not you, which is why you’re still reading.
  2. Audience Preference: Not every buyer wants to learn the same way. Some of your target buyers want to see a video, others want to scan a document at their own pace. Some of your buyers are just exploring and getting a kick out of your infographics, while others are narrowing down solution providers. It’s important to present information using a variety of mediums in order to appeal to consumption preferences as well as different stages in the buying cycle.

I Have White Papers

Typically packed with pages and pages of industry information and expert insight, white papers are a gold mine of content repurposing opportunities.

I Have Webinar Recordings/Presentations

Which of your webinars had the highest attendance? Have experts in your organization spoken at any conferences lately? Get those presentations and turn them into:

I Have Blog Articles

Get more from your efforts by reusing that content to make: