Marketing softwares are targeted to, you guessed it, marketers. There’s often an array of marketing stereotypes set in place to capture our attention – we’re so easily distracted after all.

Even top marketing software companies emphasize their easy navigation, sleek UI, and weekly report summaries because they’ve pinned us as creative freethinkers, lovers of design and haters of numbers, who will take our fingers out of our ears just long enough to view a 7-day engagement report.

But what does the sales team want from marketing software solutions?

After all, they’re working in the system just as much as we are. Sales wants access to raw data, they want engagement numbers with a trail of decimal points, they want to troll over website dashboards…

Beyond the ability to contact leads and customers using B2B email marketing software, sales can automate and align additional processes. Here are three ways marketing software will also benefit the sales department:

Marketing software offers a unique opportunity to align the sales and marketing departments. When they’re working side by side in the same system, everyone must communicate their efforts and goals – otherwise your data will be a mess! And neither team wants that.